Walk in Closet Shelving Systems for Kid’s Rooms

Children can acquire a lot of games, toys, books, clothes, and many other items over time. Closet spaces can often be filled to the brim with all their personal possession. This unfortunately means a child’s room can be very messy and disorganized.

Clear the Clutter: A DIY Closet System Can Help You Get More Organized

People tend to forget how important their closet is when it comes to storage of their items. We know over time it’s easy to collect more and more personal items. You may find yourself quickly running out of space and before you know it there’s clutter everywhere. How can you store all your items without creating a bigger mess?

Summer is Coming – Closet Organizer Configurations for Warmer Weather

Getting your closet ready for summer is always going to be a challenge but with the right closet organizer it doesn’t need to be the nightmare that it normally is. There are a few standard tips you will want to follow for making sure yours is ready, which we’ll go over shortly.

Bring your Bathroom to Life with Bathroom Closet Shelves

Your bathroom is a pretty simple place, to put it lightly. You go in there to do one thing, normally, and for this reason, many people fail to consider outfitting it with more than a few implements and modifications.

Bathroom Closet Shelves

Baby Room Closet Organizers – Getting Ready for a New Addition

Throughout the course of our lives there are many changes that will take place. Some are good, some are bad, and some are absolutely earth shattering. We can’t be sure which category you think a new baby falls into, but we have to imagine that it is pretty significant. As the time draws near, however, you might begin to realize that your home isn’t quite as spacious as you once thought.

How a Closet Organizer Can Lead to a More Balanced Life

Have you ever seen that episode of ‘Friends’ where they finally reveal what’s behind that green door in Monica’s apartment? If you haven’t seen it, we’ll clue you in: it was a mess.

Customizable Closet Shelves for a Smarter Home

What use is a closet if you don’t have the right shelving system in place? Quite simply, if you don’t have the right shelves for your needs, then you’re wasting room in your home. Do you often look in your closet, or in any storage room, and wish that things were more organized, or even that you had more space to store things? If you are answering yes to either of these questions, then it’s time to start using a better solution.

Strong Closet Organizers Have Multiple Uses Throughout the Home

Have you ever looked inside of your closet and wished that you had a better way to organize things? In many cases, closet spaces in your home will not be used to their maximum potential. You could have a relatively large closet space, which turns out to be underutilized because your storage solutions simply aren’t making the best use of the room that you have available.

Bring New Life to an Old Space with a Closet Organizer

No matter whom you happen to be or what walk of life you come from, you’re going to find that closet space is always a problem.

New Product! Expandable Laundry Room Shelving Kit Now Available

Due to the popularity of EZ Shelf products in the laundry room, EZ Shelf has launched a new product – a kit designed just for your laundry room shelving needs.

Why Every House Flipper Should Use our Closet Shelving

Thinking about flipping a house? Read on.

So you’ve found the perfect house – old, in disrepair, but in a great location and full of charm. You’ve got your money source, your team, your contractor, and you’ve done your homework. With kitchen upgrades, a new floor, a new paint job, and on and on and on….you know you can make a profit on this house, and somebody will get a great new home.

Bob Vila Recommends EZ Shelf Expandable Closet Systems and Garage Organizers

Bob Vila, the popular television host and blogger, has recommended EZ Shelf closet organizers and garage organizers for the expandability, flexibility and style. See the full article written by Donna Boyle Schwartz of here.

About EZ Shelf Products

An explanation for the first time shopper! Read this post and find out how EZ it really is to design your own closet and storage space with EZ Shelf.

Menards Online Soon to Carry EZ Shelf Closet Shelving and Garage Organizers

By 2016, EZ Shelf closet shelving and garage organizers will be sold on Menards online, the website for the mega-retailer Menards.

Customers will be able to purchase closet kits, garage kits, expandable closet shelving, and expandable shelving and ship directly to home, or order and pickup at a local Menards store.

Expandable Linen Closet Kit – Now Available in 2 sizes

The EZ Shelf expandable linen closet kit is not available for both small linen closets and large linen closets alike. Visit our closet organizers section for both sizes.

Our linen kit launched in 2014, and quickly became one of the most popular EZ Shelf items. The kit includes 4 shelves, each expandable from 17” – 27”, and is meant to be used in not only a linen closet, but also as pantry shelving and office shelving. The shelves can also be used on any wall if End Brackets are ordered.

EZ Shelf Closet Shelving Strongest on the Market

Wire closet shelving systems are known for being flimsy, weak, and even for falling out of the wall after a few years. EZ Shelf steel closet shelving fixes this problem and revolutionizes the closet shelving indust

EZ Entire Garage Shelving Kit – Now for Under $300

Shop on Amazon for EZ Shelf garage shelving, with an entire garage storage unit now available for under $300.

97% of Handy Magazine Reviewers Recommend EZ Shelf Closet Organizers

Results are in of the Handy Magazine review of the EZ Shelf Closet System, and 97% of the testers recommended the product, with several calling it the “best shelf ever.”

EZ Shelf Sales Surge at Boynton Beach Lowes

EZ Shelf closet shelving and garage shelving has sold tremendously in its first three weeks at the Boynton Beach Lowes store, with sales totaling over $3000.

Customers are loving the new alternative to wire shelving systems. Each EZ Shelf closet system can hold up to 200 pounds without securing to a stud and does not mildew or have a “sticky” feel after a few years installed.

Design a Custom Closet Organizer Based on Your Own Needs

Customers are often frustrated by the few options available when they choose a wire shelving kit for their closet. Measurements must be exact, corners are difficult, and designs are limited.

South Florida Customers! EZ Shelf Closet Shelving and Garage Shelving Now Available at the Boynton Beach Lowes

Shoppers at Boynton Beach Lowes are wowed by the new EZ Shelf closet shelving and garage shelving display at the end of the closet organization aisle.

“I’m going to buy one,” one customer said. “I love the ingenuity of this shelving system. So much more efficient than wire shelving. I love to see new ideas make it into retail stores like Lowes.”

Lowes employees are also impressed by EZ Shelf expandable closet shelving and garage shelving, with several already telling me they want to install it in their own homes.

EZ Shelf Closet Shelving and Garage Shelving Now Available on Amazon Prime

EZ Shelf expandable closet shelving and garage shelving is now available on Amazon Prime, a popular program that offers free 2-day shipping on many items. Products are currently stocked in Amazon warehouses across the United States and replenished each week.

EZ Shelf Launches New Product: Expandable Laundry Room Kit

We at EZ Shelf have launched a new laundry room kit for customers, now available on this website under laundry room organizer kits.

The laundry kit includes 1 closet shelf & rod unit and 1 shelf unit. Each unit expands from 40 in. to 73 in. wide, and the kit includes 3 End Brackets.

EZ Shelf Expandable Closet Organizers Now Selling at Lowes Online

EZ Shelf Expandable Closet Organizers Now Selling at Lowes Online

Lowes Online has begun selling twenty EZ Shelf items on their website, Customers may purchase closet shelves, closet organizer kits, and expandable shelving on the Lowes Website.

Home Depot is Now Selling EZ SHELF Expandable Closet Organizers in select stores.

Home Depot has added a new closet organizer system to its shelves. The EZ Shelf expandable closet shelf & rod combo is now available in select Home Depot stores. EZ Shelf closet systems offer many benefits over other shelving systems, including ease of installation, strength, durability, versatility, maintenance, appearance and cost.

EZ Shelf Donates Closet Shelving to “Habitat for Humanity” Blitz Build Project

EZ SHELF new expandable closet organizers were installed in the new Habitat for Humanity house in Delray Beach, FL. The closet shelves were donated and installed by employees of the company as part of Habitat for Humanity’s Blitz Build. Read the full story below! -Published June 2014

The Best Closet Organizer

Wireless and High-Tech has now come to closet organizers, do it yourself, and closet makeovers.

EZ Shelf – the best closet organizer, and the answer to your closet and garage needs. They are Made in the USA with a Lifetime Guarantee and they solve storage problems for DIY Consumers, Handymen, Contractors, Homebuilders and others.

How to Choose a Closet Organizer

There are plenty of closet organizers available, and choosing the best closet shelving system can be challenging.

Many are familiar with wire shelving systems, as they have been the most affordable option for many years. But so many don’t really like wire shelving. Why is that and what is wire shelving?