Expandable closet organization systemsA newborn baby has his or her own special needs that your house may not have been built to accommodate. That’s especially true during the first year when you’ll need easy access to diapers, lotions, changing areas and more. Here are some top tips for organizing your baby’s closet.

  1. Sort out the clothes. Chances are, you have gotten lots of baby clothes as gifts from friends and family. Buy some closet dividers to sort clothes by size and type so that you’ll be able to easily find clothes and use them all before your baby outgrows them.
  1. Invest in storage boxes or baskets. Boxes and baskets are handy for storing everything from toys and accessories such as hats, headbands, and socks. Plus you can easily label baskets and boxes.
  1. Use your closet doors. You can create more storage by using the space on the back of the baby closet door. Hanging organizers with clear plastic pockets are great for storing small items such as hair accessories, brushes, wipes and more. The clear pockets let you easily see items so you can find them more quickly.
  1. Consider purchasing an expandable closet organization system. Expandable closet organization systems allow you to make efficient use of every bit of space in your closet. Generally, these systems consist of a variety of rods, shelves, baskets and other types of organizers that you can mix-and-match to meet your exact needs. You can hire professionals to create these systems for you but that could cost a pretty penny. A less expensive, but still perfectly functional route, is to opt for do-it-yourself expandable closet systems.

The Best Closet Organizer Systems Available

closet organizer kitsSince 2002, EZ Shelf has specialized in expandable, durable closet organizers that can fit into any size closet whether a small apartment-sized closet or a giant walk-in closet. We offer a variety of modules so that you can design your dream baby room closet organizer or any other type of closet organizer. We offer rods, shelves, shelves, and more.

In addition, we pride ourselves on the fact that our closet organizer systems are not only stronger than wire shelving but they are much easier to install. Because our closet organizers are expandable, you won’t need to measure spaces or cut items to fit. These benefits mean many fewer chances for mistakes or accidents during installation. Even better, we’ve designed our organizers to use the fewest possible parts, especially small ones that can easily be lost or hard for adult-sized hands to manipulate.

All of our closet organizer systems are competitively priced and come with a lifetime guarantee since we are confident that they will stand the test of time and usage. And we’ve also paid attention to styling; You’ll actually enjoy looking at your closet’s interior when you use our organizers. In fact, our closet organizers are so unique in all ways and so well-designed that they are patented!

Easy Installation

If you are still skeptical, then be sure to watch our installation videos or read our installation instructions. You can see for yourself just how easy our closet organizers are to install, which is especially important for busy parents expecting a new baby. And if you need help with designing your closet, check out our complete line of closet organizer kits. Chances are good that there is one that is perfect for you to get started with for your baby closet organizer system.

Affordable Closet Systems

EZ ShelfIt will also be a relief for you as new parents to know that we offer good, flexible systems for your baby room closet organizer at reasonable prices. For example, for less than $200 you can get an affordable closet system kit that contains 10 feet of hanging space and 20 feet of shelf space, which should be plenty to hang baby’s clothes and store boxes. Even better, as your baby grows older you can rearrange the closet organizer to fit the needs of an older child. And because our systems are modular, you can always add additional items later.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Be sure to check out our reviews! Each month, we feature new reviews from different places such as those posted on Amazon, which is just one place EZ Shelf items are sold. You’ll find lots of helpful information in them from our customers!