What’s In The Perfect Closet?

As you’re looking to get organized in 2017, you may be looking at products like EZShelf to help you start the process. As you begin to build the perfect closet, you’ll want to make some concrete plans. There’s a few things that every great closet needs. You’ll want to keep these in mind as you work [...]

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How To Help Your Kids Keep Themselves Organized

If you’re tired of asking your children to clean up their rooms, you’re certainly not alone. If the child has places to put things, then they will undoubtedly be able to keep more organized than if they are left to their own devises. What you really need in addition to your parenting are the tools [...]

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How To Declutter A “Junk” Closet

It seems that in each and every home, there’s a junk drawer. This drawer tends to collect everything that we have no idea where to put. If we become really disorganized, we could end up with a junk closet as well. You don’t want your coat closet to become a breeding ground for everything that anyone [...]

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Why Being Organized Is Good For You

We know you have a junk drawer! You probably have a junk closet too! Everyone seems to have a spot in their home where junk tends to pile up. Usually this is an area that’s hidden from plain sight. Having something like a closet organizer can help you to keep that closet organized. There’s more than [...]

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Resolve To Get Organized In 2017

There are so many different kinds of New Year’s Resolutions that people make each year. Most of those promises to ourselves fall by the wayside by the end of January. Instead of losing weight or trying to give up your phone, there’s an easier way to make reachable goals. Why not make a resolution that you [...]

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Customize your Storage Space with Strong Closet Organizers

When you think of a storage space there is a pretty good chance you’re thinking of something that is out of sight and out of mind. I can’t really blame you for that, my closet isn’t something I think about on a regular basis; normally it’s just a door that I pass by every once [...]

Our Expandable Closet Organizer Makes A Great Guest Coat Rack

Inviting guests to stay in your home can be wonderful, but there is the issue of where they'll keep their belongings while they're with you. You don't want to make them live out of their cases, but you don't have the closet space available for them. There is a way of creating that space, and it [...]

Laundry Room Closet Shelves – A Great Way to Store your Cleaning Supplies

There are many areas in your home that will be seen by visitors and guests on a regular basis, but then there are those few tucked away, never to be seen by human eyes except for on the very rare occasions. The big one that we’re talking about today of course is the laundry room and [...]

Strong Closet Organizers for the Heaviest Items

There are some heavy items in your house. You know it, we know it, and you know that you need some place to put them. One of the biggest problems that an individual often faces when getting their house in order is shelving, and you probably know just how fragile the typical variety can be. The [...]

Use an Expandable Walk in Closet Kit for Supply Closets

If you’re like most people, homeowner or business owner you’re facing a serious problem: space. One of the biggest issues people have with a structure of any type is a lack of places to ‘put things’, so to speak, and you’re probably finding out that closets simply aren’t enough. Today we’re going to be talking about [...]

Replace your Wooden Shelves with Affordable Closet Shelving

The time for spring cleaning has passed, as you’ve probably noticed by this point, and now we’re at a time of year when you’re going to find yourself stuck in your house quite a bit as snow falls on the ground and surrounds the area. If you can’t go outside there is a good chance that [...]

Use an Affordable Closet System to Add Functionality to Any Room

In any room in your home, functionality is probably something that you’re concerned about. An empty room is great, but where are you going to put all of your stuff? Even if you don’t have too much stuff in the beginning your collection is going to grow whether it’s clothing, electronics, photos, or any number of [...]