EZ Shelf Sales Surge at Boynton Beach Lowes

EZ Shelf closet shelving and garage shelving has sold tremendously in its first three weeks at the Boynton Beach Lowes store, with sales totaling over $3000.Customers are loving the new alternative to wire shelving systems. Each EZ Shelf closet system can hold up to 200 pounds without securing to a stud and does not mildew or have a “sticky” feel after a few years installed.

South Florida Customers! EZ Shelf Closet Shelving and Garage Shelving Now Available at the Boynton Beach Lowes

Shoppers at Boynton Beach Lowes are wowed by the new EZ Shelf closet shelving and garage shelving display at the end of the closet organization aisle.“I’m going to buy one,” one customer said. “I love the ingenuity of this shelving system. So much more efficient than wire shelving. I love to see new ideas make it into retail stores like Lowes.”Lowes employees are also impressed by EZ Shelf expandable closet shelving and garage shelving, with several already telling me they want to install it in their own homes.

The Best Closet Organizer

Wireless and High-Tech has now come to closet organizers, do it yourself, and closet makeovers.EZ Shelf - the best closet organizer, and the answer to your closet and garage needs. They are Made in the USA with a Lifetime Guarantee and they solve storage problems for DIY Consumers, Handymen, Contractors, Homebuilders and others.

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How to Choose a Closet Organizer

There are plenty of closet organizers available, and choosing the best closet shelving system can be challenging.Many are familiar with wire shelving systems, as they have been the most affordable option for many years. But so many don’t really like wire shelving. Why is that and what is wire shelving?

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