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Why Every House Flipper Should Use our Closet Shelving

Thinking about flipping a house? Read on.So you’ve found the perfect house – old, in disrepair, but in a great location and full of charm. You’ve got your money source, your team, your contractor, and you’ve done your homework. With kitchen upgrades, a new floor, a new paint job, and on and on and on….you know you can make a profit on this house, and somebody will get a great new home.

Expandable Linen Closet Kit – Now Available in 2 sizes

The EZ Shelf expandable linen closet kit is not available for both small linen closets and large linen closets alike. Visit our closet organizers section for both sizes.Our linen kit launched in 2014, and quickly became one of the most popular EZ Shelf items. The kit includes 4 shelves, each expandable from 17” – 27”, and is meant to be used in not only a linen closet, but also as pantry shelving and office shelving. The shelves can also be used on any wall if End Brackets are ordered.

EZ Shelf Sales Surge at Boynton Beach Lowes

EZ Shelf closet shelving and garage shelving has sold tremendously in its first three weeks at the Boynton Beach Lowes store, with sales totaling over $3000.Customers are loving the new alternative to wire shelving systems. Each EZ Shelf closet system can hold up to 200 pounds without securing to a stud and does not mildew or have a “sticky” feel after a few years installed.