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EZ Shelf expandable closet shelving and garage shelving is now available on Amazon Prime, a popular program that offers free 2-day shipping on many items. Products are currently stocked in Amazon warehouses across the United States and replenished each week.

Customers can choose from the walk-in closet organizer, the expandable closet shelf & rod (with or without an end bracket), and the expandable garage shelf.  These are the most popular items for Amazon customers.

All other expandable shelving products are available through purchase on Amazon as well, with an option for two-day shipping.

Amazon customers have posted overwhelmingly positive reviews of EZ Shelf, commenting on the easy installation process and the small number of pieces that come in the box.


“Made of steel this is the strongest, most durable closet organizer I’ve ever seen. The steel tube expands out from 40 inches to 73 inches. The box comes with 6 tubes, 1 center bracket and 2 ends. Installation can be done with one person but it’s easier with two. It took me about 30 minutes to install it by myself. Once you install the center bracket the two ends are easy to setup. If one of the ends is not attached to a wall then you need to order an end bracket to provide support. It’s amazing that the shelves can support up to 200 lbs. I’m not going to test it out but it sure feels strong. You can install this almost anywhere you need shelving. It’s not just for the closet. I highly recommend this shelve and also watch the video for easy install instructions.” –Vu Nguyen, Aug. 17, 2015.

EZ Shelf eliminates the need for a custom closet company by allowing the customer to design his or her own space and install the shelving themselves. With all of the options available, customers will soon be able to design their space on our new closet design app, which will then practically order the needed products for them.


“I just ordered these and installed them myself!!!! They were very easy to install and came with great installation instructions, templates you could use and helpful tips.” –Sandy, Oct. 9, 2014