EZ SHELF new expandable closet organizers were installed in the new Habitat for Humanity house in Delray Beach, FL. The closet shelves were donated and installed by employees of the company as part of Habitat for Humanity’s Blitz Build. Read the full story below! -Published June 2014


EZ SHELF donated new expandable closet organizers and garage organizers to Habitat for Humanity’s “Blitz Build,” project this week, partnering with RCC Associates and others to build an entire house in a span of just two weeks. The new, completed house was turned over to the family on June 26th.

“As a new business, we are honored to partner with a well-established organization like Habitat for Humanity,” said David Jablow, president of the EZ Shelf. “And our closet systems and shelves are perfect for a Blitz Build project. Just like this house, our shelves can be installed in record time.”

Like all EZ SHELF products, the Habitat for Humanity house’s shelves are guaranteed for life for weights up to 200 pounds. Each closet kit and garage kit includes Toggler self-drilling anchors, allowing for installation by novices with just a screwdriver.

“Normally, our homes have a clothes bar and a shelf.  EZ Shelf system provided a more versatile closet for the Master Bedroom and additional hanging space in the other two bedrooms as well as shelving in the Garage,” said Michael Campbell, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of South Palm Beach County.

Closet organizers were installed in each of the four closets in the house, as well as the additional shelving in the garage and large kitchen pantry. EZ SHELF’s expandable steel tubes makes installation easier and faster than other DIY closet organizer systems.

RCC Associates took on this project in an effort to give back to the community.  “We have been so blessed both personally and professionally and this has been the most gratifying experience for the entire RCC Team!”

EZ Shelf installation time averages less than 20 minutes per shelf and can be completed by a single individual. Instead of measuring the closet and then cutting the shelf to fit like most wire shelving systems, each EZ Shelf tube expands to the desired length and snaps into special tube receivers included with the kit. Center supports are included, which provide additional strength and prevent any potential sagging. End brackets are also available for joining two shelves together (for making extra-long shelves) or for attaching to the back-wall for easy corners.

The company has been rocketing in sales online, and recently picked up by Home Depot Online, the website for the mega-retailer The Home Depot. EZ Shelf is now also available in Home Depot stores in select locations. Customers can choose from white or silver, and have the option of a shelf only or a shelf and hanger rod combination.


“There are so many possibilities,” Jablow said. “You can join shelves together, make great corners, or simply add a shelf to your room or office. And best of all there is a lifetime guarantee on all of our products, so you really can’t go wrong with EZ Shelf.”