EZ Shelf Expandable Closet Organizers Now Selling at Lowes Online

Lowes Online has begun selling twenty EZ Shelf items on their website, Lowes.com. Customers may purchase closet shelves, closet organizer kits, and expandable shelving on the Lowes Website.

David Jablow, president of EZ Shelf, said Lowes is a great fit for EZ Shelf products. “Lowes customers love to purchase whole kits, and EZ Shelf closet organizers and garage organizers are just that,” he said. “Customers receive all the materials and hardware for a quick and easy installation.”

Benefits of EZ Shelf over other closet systems and garage systems include:

  • Ease of Installation – EZ Shelf can be installed by a single person
  • Stronger – Closet Shelves can hold 200 pounds, garage shelves can hold 250 pounds without securing to stud
  • Better Looking than wire shelving
  • Fewer Pieces to Assemble – Less Frustration during Installation
  • Custom Closet Designs – Customer can design his/her own closet with help from the EZ Shelf Closet Design Tool for no wasted space
  • DIY Install – No Contractor or Handyman Necessary







Customers can also visit a Lowes Store location for design help and picking out their EZ Shelf closet organizers. Shipping can be to a customer home or to a Lowes store location.

EZ Shelf expandable closet kits and garage organizers are already available through Amazon, Wayfair, and Ebay. Reviews from the sites have been overwhelmingly positive, with customers welcoming an affordable alternative to wire shelving.

“This rod is awesome! I spent more time spackling and painting over the zillion holes of the awful closet system I removed than I did installing this. Love the shelf/rod combo. My clothes slide super easily over the “expanding” part, which I was a bit worried about, and it looks so nice and pretty! The drywall anchors were super easy to use, and are holding a TON of clothes and shoes quite solidly. Plus, very few holes required! I did the whole removal all clothes, remove old closet system, patch, paint, and install this in a weekend without much stress at all.” –Malisa, Atlanta, GA

“This shelf was super easy to install. It was so easy, I could do it by myself. It also could support a lot of weight, as a test, I grabbed ahold of the middle of the shelf and suspended myself in the air with it. The shelf could hold me no problem and I weigh over 160 lbs. It will not only work great for closets but other applications as well. I installed it out in my shop for storage and hanging coats on this winter. The supports they make for a non-corner mount are very rigid and hold up very well. Because of its durability, it is truly a shelf above the rest.” –Phillip, IN.