Garage Closet ShelvesHaving a garage is a great asset when you consider all the space that a garage can give you in addition to having a place to park your cars; however, sometimes all that extra space fills up quick and before you know it there may be no room for your cars. That’s when you need to take some time and do some organizing in your garage so you can have the best of both worlds: a parking place for your vehicles that is out of the elements and a great place for storing all the items it takes to own a home and raise a family.

That’s where EZShelf can help you! With our innovative, inexpensive and easy to install shelving units we can help you get your garage in tip top shape. Garage closet shelves – great for storing sports equipment and all the other things that help you enjoy your life. You need a place to store the kids sporting equipment, your bikes, your kayaks and all other paraphernalia that goes along with having an active lifestyle, and at EZShelf we can help you make the most of the space you have available. You will be organized and all your equipment will be easy to find and easy to take care of.

You won’t ever have to search through piles of equipment and junky toolboxes to find, maintain or repair your equipment. We can help you get all your belongings sorted by helping you maximize the space with garage closet shelves. For between $75 and $300 we can help you choose a system that will fit your lifestyle and help you get all the storage space your garage has to offer. Visit our website today and click “garage organizer kits and shelving” under the products tab to see the wide variety of products we have to offer in garage organization.

Laundry Room Closet Shelves

Another place where it is hard to maximize space is in the laundry room. With EZShelf laundry room closet shelves you can make sure that you are not wasting an inch of space. A well-organized laundry room is a joy for those who have to do the laundry in your home. Being able to find what you need in order to treat and wash your laundry without a lot of confusion saves busy moms and dads’ time and money.

The ability to efficiently do your laundry means less waste of materials, longer life of your clothing and an overall more pleasant experience doing a chore that must be done. EZShelf has laundry room closet shelves available in an easy to install kit for around $135. You can’t beat the price and quality of the products we have available at EZShelf! We know that happy, satisfied customers are the key to our success, so we have use the best materials in the simplest way to give you the ability to install our shelving and kits yourself while maximizing the space you have.

It is so easy to overlook empty space that could be used for storage. Our shelving and organizing units do just that – allow you to take unused space and create storage in spaces that have been overlooked.

Affordable Closet Shelving

Laundry Room Closet ShelvesEZShelf offers affordable closet shelving that will fit into even the tightest budget. Our easy to install shelves require no cutting! They expand to fit the space where you need them. That eliminates the need for precise measuring and cutting that has the potential to waste time and money if you make a mistake. Our shelves are made from high strength steel tubing, so you will never have to deal with flimsy wires when you use our products.

In addition, our shelving units are completely modular which means you can fit pieces together easily with our end brackets to fit almost any space. With our lifetime guarantee and competitive pricing you can’t go wrong with EZShelf closet organizers and shelving kits. Whether you need to install shelves in a linen closet, organize a walk-on closet or totally renovate your garage, EZShelf has the products you need to do the job. Call us today at 888-973-3561 to get started on your organization project at once!