Have you ever looked inside of your closet and wished that you had a better way to organize things? In many cases, closet spaces in your home will not be used to their maximum potential. You could have a relatively large closet space, which turns out to be underutilized because your storage solutions simply aren’t making the best use of the room that you have available. No matter what you’re using a closet for, whether it’s for tools, clothes, or just additional storage space in your home, there’s a better way to make use of that space, and we can help you to do that with our easy to use, modular expandable closet system. Designed for people from all walks of life, let’s take a look at some scenarios where you could use our system to make better use of any closet in your home, or even in any room of the house.

What You Should Expect From a Closet Organization System

An affordable closet system should be easy to use, it should feature strong closet organizers, and it should also be easy to install. Have you held off on improving your closet because you thought the process might be overly difficult? Some systems will have you installing unwieldy shelves that require the use of heavy duty tools, and more than a little knowhow when it comes to DIY. The aim with our systems has always been to make them as user friendly as possible, while also being incredibly easy to mount inside your existing closet space or storage room. Our systems are modular and expandable, which means that you can extend the length of the shelving depending on your needs. There are options for shelves made up of rods, or even flat shelves for storing heavier items. The point is that there is always flexibility when you use our systems, and they’re not just limited to closets.

Consider a situation when you have limited storage space in your bathroom. In the case of modern vanities, sometimes design overtakes the function of an installation. This could mean that you sacrifice cabinets to make way for bold looks. There’s nothing wrong with taking that approach, but it does mean that you will need to be creative when you look for a customizable closet system. Our systems can be put in any room of your house, and any place that you have space on a wall. If you need some light shelves for storing hand towels or even tissue boxes and other necessities, then you could use one of our shelves to get the job done. Because they use self-threading screws for mounting, you can complete the installation with simple hand tools that you probably already have in your home. A shelf and rod system would work perfectly in the bathroom, and it would even be at home inside a pantry space or anywhere in your kitchen where you need some extra shelves for storage.

If a system is so easy to install in a space that wasn’t even intended for storage, just think of the benefits you will gain when you install our shelves within an existing closet space. You could convert a reach in closet that was originally designed for hanging garments, and now use that closet to store linen, folded clothes, or anything that you want to put onto the shelves. Again, you will be using a simple customizable closet system that utilizes easy frames and rods that can be installed with basic hand tools. The system can be mounted on drywall or ply timber with ease, and there’s no prior experience necessary. It’s the perfect DIY project that will provide you with results that increase the functionality of your home.

Numerous Uses for an Affordable Closet System

The applications for our EZ Shelf system are almost limitless. Have you just welcomed a baby to your household and you’re finding it difficult to store clothes, wipes and nappies, or even soft toys, books, and other miscellaneous items? Installing some baby room closet organizers will allow you to keep on top of the mess while providing you with practical ways to store and access everything that you need.

If you have a large shoe collection, you could convert your dressing room into a highly organized walk in closet, or even if you’re an artist who needs extra organizers for paintbrushes, tools, and other accessories, you could install an affordable closet system to keep everything tidy and organized.

Whatever your storage needs are, and whatever ideas you have for improving closet spaces or other rooms in your house, the EZ Shelf system can benefit you and your family. Browse through our selection today and see just how simple it is to increase the storage space in your home.