Make Your Shoe Organizer More EfficientIf you are tired of just tossing your shoes into a pile in your closet, which means you have to rummage around to find a matching pair every day, then you need to get a shoe organizer to make everything more manageable. And, even if you already have a shoe organizer, it may not be doing the trick as well as you want. Here are three ways to make your shoe organizer more efficient.

  1. Get an expandable floor shoe rack. A lot of inexpensive shoe racks come in just one length, which probably means you are wasting some of that valuable floor space in your closet. A good expandable shoe rack can span the length of your closet floor so that you can use every valuable inch of space for shoe storage and organization.
  1. Group your shoes. No matter what type of shoe organizer you have, you’ll want to group your shoes so that you can grab the pair you need quickly. You can group shoes by kind (high heels, flats, tennis shoes) and by color.
  1. Consider purchasing an expandable closet organizer kit. Expandable closet organizer kits can help you customize your entire closet, including clothes, accessories such as belts and bags, and, of course, your shoes. Closet organizer kits generally contain adjustable shelves and hanging rods and many contain shoe racks as well. You’ll have to install these yourself, but most have been designed to make installation easy even if you aren’t an experienced handyman.

Closet organizer kits also have the added advantage of being cost-efficient; most kits are relatively inexpensive especially when compared to having a professional closet designer install shelves, rods and shoe racks for you. Kits are available for both small apartment-sized closets or large walk-in closets. You can even combine kits to get the exact configuration you want. If you want to mix-and-match, however, it’s generally best to purchase your closet organizer kits from the same manufacturer so that  the shelves and rods match .

The Best Closet Organizers You Can Find

Closet OrganizersThere are a huge number of closet organizers to choose from both on the Internet and in stores. But we at EZ Shelf pride ourselves on offering the best and most affordable closet organizers on the market. Our organizers can expand to any length and fit in any space. And our organizers are actually stronger than wire shelving thanks to our special tube technology, which uses high strength steel tubing. In fact, our products are so sturdy that we even offer a lifetime guarantee on them!

Installation is much easier than with other wire shelving solutions as well. You don’t need to cut anything in order to make the shelving fit. The modular design of our systems makes it easy to join shelving components together to fit perfectly in any closet, big or small. And, when you order one of our kits, you’ll get all the parts you need for installation. You won’t get part of the way through an installation only to discover that you need to order additional, expensive parts.

Plus, we’re sure you will like our high end design. Our closet organizers look much nicer than traditional wire shelving so your closets will look like they were designed by a professional instead of installed by you in a short time. (In fact, our products have been shown to save 50% in installation time compared to standard wire shelving!)

More Than Just Affordable Closet Organizers

We at EZ Shelf also offer affordable, sturdy organizers for practically any area in your house including garages, home offices, linen closets, computer rooms, laundry rooms, basements, pantries and more. And we offer free shipping on certain orders. If this all sounds too good to be true, be sure to check out the customer reviews on our website. Our website also includes instructions and videos on installation so you can see how easy our closet organizers are to install for yourself!

So give us a call today at 888-973-3561. Our product experts can answer all of your questions as well as help you decide what types of organizers are best for your needs. Alternately, you can message us from our website if you prefer! Whatever your needs there’s no reason to postpone getting organized any longer!