Baby Room Closet OrganizersSo that new baby is due to arrive shortly, and you have the nursery all ready to go. Then you start having those fabulous baby showers where all your friends and family hooked you up with every bit of baby paraphernalia known to man, boxes upon boxes of diapers and baby wipes, and clothes galore. You get it all home and your newly designed, beautiful nursery looks like a baby store gone wild!

How on earth are you supposed to manage all the chaos while waiting these last precious weeks for the baby to arrive? Visit EZ Shelf online to get that baby closet organized so all your great new baby stuff will fit neatly and compactly in your baby’s closet. Complete your baby’s nursery with three ways to use baby room closet organizers that will make living with your new baby much simpler and care free.

Customizable Closet Systems

At EZ Shelf we make installing our customizable closet systems easier and less labor intensive than our competitors. You will be pleasantly surprised that there are no flimsy wires and difficult pieces to figure out. We pride ourselves on a system that is both easy to install and easy to customize to fit your individual needs. Our high strength steel tubing makes EX Shelf the strongest closet organizers in the industry, and with their unique design there is no cutting, less small pieces to confuse and an overall more professional appearance when done.

Add to that, we offer a lifetime guarantee for our products so you never have to worry. If there is ever a problem, we stand by our product and by our customers. EZ Shelf has been making sure our customers are satisfied with our products since 2002. Let us show you how almost 15 years of experience can transform your baby’s closet or any other closet in your home at competitive prices and with top notch quality products.

Whether you are awaiting the arrival of a new baby, organizing your laundry room, or making your walk in closet more efficient, we want to help you design and build the customizable closet systems you need in your home. You won’t want to stop at just one. When you see the difference a truly organized closet or space can make in your home and how much easier it makes your life, you will want to continue to organize every closet in your home. Visit EX Shelf today at or call us at 888-973-3561.

Affordable Closet System

Affordable Closet SystemDon’t let the big box store prices scare you. Everyone knows that when you are expecting a new baby, you are most likely on a budget. No one has tons of extra money that can go towards organizing a closet. That’s why we make affordable closet systems that are easy to install and save you money. Here are three economical ideas when it comes to organizing a baby’s closet. Our favorite idea is to use our expandable reach in closet system which is only $199.99. More than likely, your baby’s room will not have a walk in closet, so a reach in closet will give you two tiers for hanging baby’s clothes while also providing shelving for baskets to hold all those little baby extras like bibs, socks and shoes.

This still leaves space at the bottom of your closet for more storage and a top shelf for blankets or those huge boxes of diapers. If you are lucky and have a walk in for baby’s room, try our 18 foot closet organizer pack which is also priced at $199.99. This system is two tiered on one side and has one shelf and hanger on the other giving you plenty of space underneath for a chest or hamper. Finally, if you only have a small space to use for baby’s things, our expandable linen closet organizer might be right for you.

At only $159.99 this system can create shelving that expands from 28 to 48” to create four shelves in a small closet. With tiny baby clothes you could still use the shelves to hang baby’s outfits from the bottom shelf. Call or visit our website today to see the unique solutions we can offer for an affordable closet system! You won’t be disappointed!